Great start to 2016!


Yoli y Karina

Yolanda and Karina (both in night school). Yolanda is due to graduate November 2016 along with 2 of our boys

Now, with more than a month of the year already gone, we are able to report that the children and young people in our homes are now back in school, as at 1st February, for the beginning of the new education year here in Bolivia.

During their summer vacation most of our youngsters had supervised visits to their families both within Santa Cruz and further a field. This is a government requirement which can be discouraging  for our youngsters, at times, but thankfully they have all returned to our homes excited about their new school year!



Staff lunch 2016

All our staff (except one) some with together with their husbands or wives

We also had our annual staff lunch on Saturday 30th January, which is an opportunity to express our thanks to all our staff who serve, so faithfully, the needs of all the children in our homes and encourage other on the streets to take the decision to come to our homes. It also give us the opportunity to look forward to a new year with new challenges, knowing that “we can do everything through Him who gives us strength” (Phil. 4:13 NIV)



Due to the generous giving over Christmas and New Year we have started the first two months of the year with income to cover our expenditure.

Our budget for this year is estimated to be around £135,000 (US$190,000) at current exchange rates. This works out to approximately £11,250 (US$15,800) per month. Last year we had a total income of £128,500 (US$180,000). Would you please consider a regular monthly donation to help us reach this years target. You can click on either of the links to PayPal or Justgiving at the top right of this page set up monthly giving from £5 (US$5) up to whatever you would like to give. Monthly giving helps us to budget responsibly and provide for the day to day needs of the youngsters in our care.



Other creative ways to give……..

As the end of the year approaches, with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year just around the corner, we would like to ask you to think about the possibility of giving through your on-line shopping with no extra cost to you!

Christmas in El Camino

Christmas in El Camino

It may sound too good to be true, but it actually works. We already have several people signed up for the two options below and have received donations through these channels.


For UK supporters who shop on-line, just click on this link below, sign up to support Operation Restoration and hundreds of your favorite retailers will give us a small percentage of your purchase at no extra cost to you!

For U.S. supporters who shop on-line with, just click on this link to Amazon Smile below, sign up to support Operation Restoration and they will give us a small percentage of most of your purchases at no extra cost to you!

and you could be helping to transform the life of a street child just by shopping!!

A brief update!

The struggle to youngsters take a firm decision to stay in our homes continues. As we mentioned in our last post, Erick and Danilo both left El Camino and Jose Maria came in. Sadly, Jose Maria only stayed for a few days.

Danilo did come back through our reception house again last week, but once again only stayed in El Camino for 3 days.

Thankfully, Roselin is still with us and seems to have settled in well and taken a firm decision to stay with the aim of being reunited with her little daughter, Carla, some time next year.

Please be praying with us for new strategies to encourage the children to come off the streets and how to deal with the deeper addiction issues that we are seeing over the last couple of years.

Thanks again for all your prayers and support, and please take the time to sign up to support this vital work through your on-line purchases! THANKS!

Confronting New Realities………

…….as 2015 draws to a close!


New Reality No. 1 – Funding

The challenge of funding all the Lord has called us to here is becoming more and more difficult as costs here continue to spiral with high inflation, high obligatory salary increases and the legal obligation to pay 15 months pay every 12 months (the extra 3 being payable with the December months pay)

We are closing our Mid Year Boost 2015 campaign at the end of this month having raised 67% of our original £12,500 target. A huge THANK YOU to those who have already given!

Please click on this link to make a contribution or on either button at the top of this page:

During this year we have seen six of our staff leave us for personal reasons, and have not been able to replace them. This stretches the remaining staff to the limit, to adequately cover all the work which still continues.

New Reality No. 2 – Availability of Drugs

Not only the number of street children increasing, but due to the ever increasing availability of hard drugs on the streets of Santa Cruz we are seeing that those becoming addicted to such drugs are getting younger and younger, with 12 and 13 year olds already with serious habits. This is causing us to re-evaluate our reception phase in El Toborochi, to see how we can better prepare the youngsters before they move to our restoration homes.

News Brief

RoselinFor those of you who keep up with our news through Facebook, you will already know that Roselin (now aged 14) is back with us and hopefully will gain sufficient stability in El Alfarero for Social Services to allow her to recover her baby, Carla, who she had while with us earlier this year, and who, at present, is in another home.

Jose MariaWe have seen both Erick and Danilo leave El Camino in the last weeks, but have also seen José María aged 14, join us last week. Pray that he will continue to win through his addiction and withdrawal!


We continue to hope and pray, that despite the deeper addiction issues, the children will find a stable home and future with us and all we are able to offer them. However, addiction in such young lives is much harder to overcome.

We would appreciate your continued prayers and support as we see the amazing commitment of our inexhaustible staff team!


Living by faith, not by sight

Paul writes in Philippians 4:12 (NIV),  “I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.”

During the almost 25 years of Operation Restoration we can clearly identify with what is expressed by Paul in the above verse, as we have seen times of need and times of plenty as a ministry and are sensing that we are in a time of “need” at present, where we would like to see more financial provision rather than be working in “survival mode”. However, as we have seen so often in the past we also need to “…….live by faith, not by sight.” (2 Corinthians 5:7 NIV)

A Great Week!

Apart from the blessing of seeing God’s continued provision for His work here through our Mid-Year Boost 2015 ( for which we have adjusted our target because to off-line giving, we have also seen the Lord move in various lives on the streets……..



About 10 days ago, Benigno, (who was with us for several months from July last year), took the decision to come off the streets again, but due to now being 19 years old, we managed to facilitate his acceptance into an adult rehab. center.



This week Jose (who was with us for over a year from mid 2013) also took the same decision and was able to join Benigno in the same rehab. center. Our First Contact team will continue to keep contact with both of them and hopefully see them complete the program there and see their lives transformed through this Christian adult rehab. center.





We reported last week that Marcos, aged 12, should be coming into our reception house this last Monday. Unfortunately, he didn’t even stay for one night, but at the same time as he was leaving our reception house, our street team was working in a market area of the city where Danilo (aged 13) was taking the decision to come off the streets, so he was received into El Toborochi on Monday evening and has been through his reception phase this week and is moving into El Camino today (22nd August)!!



A Bolivian banquet prepared for the team!


For the last two weeks we have had the blessing of a young team from Selby and Goole, Yorkshire, England serving with us. Despite some health issues, they have served the ministry here with lots of energy, especially in El Alfarero with our girls, helping with some practical maintenance around the home, as well as connecting with our girls through art, sports and the sharing of their different cultures and foods together.

It has been amazing to see how young people can connect and enjoy time together despite their different cultures and languages!



Thank you to all who faithfully pray, give and serve the Lord’s work here. We would like to say a special thank you to our long term regular givers and those who give anonymously. Your contribution is invaluable to the transformation of those youngsters who are coming off the streets here in Bolivia. THANK YOU!


A “normal” week of ups and downs!

Mid-Year Boost 2015

We are glad to see that our present fundraising campaign is still moving ahead. We have now reached 11% of our target so if you are able to give please click on the link above.

Ministry News Brief:





Agustin, sadly, left us for the fourth time 10 days ago and although our street team have done all they can to try and encourage him to return to El Camino, it seems that he has decided not to.

Erick who came through our Reception House a week ago and moved into El Camino last weekend, also had two days away from El Camino this week, but thankfully decided to return on Thursday. Please be praying for him to settle in soon.



Lidia y Nicol

Lidia and Nicol

Arturo Banda

Arturo in the band

This last week all the boys and girls from El Camino and El Alfarero were involved in the Bolivian Independence Day celebrations with parades in El Torno, the town closest to the homes. We were proud to see them all parading with their schools and many being recognized for their high achievement in their classes!




Joe from Alaska will be joining us tomorrow (August 9th) on our Year For God program. He will have two weeks of orientation to Operation Restoration before starting his DTS at the end of this month and then volunteering with Operation Restoration from January to July 2016

On Tuesday August 11th we have a team of 7 short term volunteers from York, UK joining the ministry and offering their services for two weeks, mainly working with El Alfarero girls’ home as well as visits to the streets.



Honest Reality Check

Looking back

After nearly 25 years of Operation Restoration we can look back and are very thankful for the amazing generosity of so many who have faithfully given to the Lord’s work here, transforming the lives of street children in Bolivia. However, many of our faithful donors are now no longer able to, either continue to give, or give at their previous level. We are also experiencing a growth in the ministry here and at the same time high inflation which has created a significant deficit in our income compared to expenditure over the last two years.

The Bolivian Reality

Dia de la amistad

Our staff team celebrating friendship day!

We have an all Bolivian leadership and staff team in Bolivia. We continue to minister to hundreds on youngsters on the street of the city encouraging them to come into our homes. We have seen over 150 different boys and girls come through our care in the last 10 years, with many who have finished their high school education and some who have also completed their university and/or technical qualifications.

Looking forward

We need to see a new generation of supporters, sponsors, donors, intercessors, trustees (UK) and board members (USA) to see the work taken forward and developed in the future.

How can you help?


– to be a trustee (UK) or board member (USA) if you have a passion to see the lives of these youngsters transformed by the love of God through Operation Restoration and can offer your time and talents to see this work grow and develop in the future. (Write to


– by joining our growing band of intercessors who faithfully pray for the everyday needs of the work here. (Write to


– in various ways (with or without cost to you!!)

Our current campaign to break even this year through our Mid-Year Boost 2015 Campaign

Sponsor a child with us for £20 or U$30 per month and be part of the life of a specific child in one of our homes through not only giving, but regular correspondence

Creative ways to give with no extra cost for you on-line shoppers!

USA through amazon choose us as your chosen charity and give a percentage of your purchase to Operation Restoration Bolivia with no extra cost to you –

UK through Give As You Live choose Operation Restoration – YWAM Bolivia as your chosen charity and shop with many of your favorite retailers who will give a percentage of your purchase to us with no extra cost to you –


Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website and home of our new blog!

Please take some time to have a look around using the links above to learn more about what we are doing and meet the children and teenagers who are resident in our homes.

We do not post all the photos of the youngsters on this site, just those who have been with us for at least 6 months or more, and who are available for sponsorship.

We will be posting more information about each child as we continue to develop this site, so we would encourage you to come back soon and learn more of how the Lord is working in the lives of each one.

We are glad to able to update you regularly here.

Causes for Celebration!

AgustinIn our last “old blog” we reported that Agustin had been away for 3 days and returned to El Camino. Since then, just this last week, he was once again away for 2 days, but thankfully returned again. This is not an unusual pattern. Please be praying that he will take a firm decision to stay this time!



Juan 1Roly 1This year we will have two young men finishing their university degrees. Juan with electromechanics engineering and Roly with international relations.




Lidia, in El Alfarero was first in her class for the first semester this year. This is her first time and we are so proud of her. All the other girls are in the top 5 in their class too!



We have an amazing staff and leadership team who are managing all the day to day running of the ministry. Please be praying for them to be encouraged in the Lord each day as they face the constant challenges of working out God’s calling on their lives.

Thank You!

Thank you so much for all your prayers and support for this vital work seeing lives transformed from life on the streets to those with high school diplomas, vocational training and/or a university degrees and reintegrated into society.


If you are able to contribute to this vital work we are running a Mid Year Boost 2015 campaign to raise funds to be able to break even this year. Please take a look by clicking on the following link: