Great start to 2016!


Yoli y Karina
Yolanda and Karina (both in night school). Yolanda is due to graduate November 2016 along with 2 of our boys

Now, with more than a month of the year already gone, we are able to report that the children and young people in our homes are now back in school, as at 1st February, for the beginning of the new education year here in Bolivia.

During their summer vacation most of our youngsters had supervised visits to their families both within Santa Cruz and further a field. This is a government requirement which can be discouraging  for our youngsters, at times, but thankfully they have all returned to our homes excited about their new school year!



Staff lunch 2016
All our staff (except one) some with together with their husbands or wives

We also had our annual staff lunch on Saturday 30th January, which is an opportunity to express our thanks to all our staff who serve, so faithfully, the needs of all the children in our homes and encourage other on the streets to take the decision to come to our homes. It also give us the opportunity to look forward to a new year with new challenges, knowing that “we can do everything through Him who gives us strength” (Phil. 4:13 NIV)



Due to the generous giving over Christmas and New Year we have started the first two months of the year with income to cover our expenditure.

Our budget for this year is estimated to be around £135,000 (US$190,000) at current exchange rates. This works out to approximately £11,250 (US$15,800) per month. Last year we had a total income of £128,500 (US$180,000). Would you please consider a regular monthly donation to help us reach this years target. You can click on either of the links to PayPal or Justgiving at the top right of this page set up monthly giving from £5 (US$5) up to whatever you would like to give. Monthly giving helps us to budget responsibly and provide for the day to day needs of the youngsters in our care.



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